Nimmsta HS 50 - Booster for Logistics

More and more products that have to be delivered to the customer even faster place high demands on the efficiency of logistics.

Stock turnover in particular is one of the biggest time killers in production and trade across all industries.

With the HS 50, Nimmsta accelerates the capture of codes in the warehouse (picking) and reduces the error rate - while at the same time keeping employees satisfied.

Smartwatch - Scanner - Touch display

At first glance a back of the hand scanner, but in reality the HS 50 is a powerful smartwatch with integrated scanner that can reliably capture barcodes even at a distance.

Particularly convincing is the power-saving e-paper touch display, which allows direct interaction with the logistics software and whose interface can be customized!

Now it's getting exciting, isn't it? Read more below...

The turbo for your order picking

Goods entry in the warehouse with hand scanners or mobile data entry devices has become standard - but at least one hand is occupied.

With the Nimmsta HS 50, you have both hands free and can also actively exchange information with the inventory management system online via the touch display!

Ergonomically perfect and individually adaptable!

Nimmsta HS 50 - that makes sense.

The optimization of logistical processes is enormously important for every company.

The aim is not only to increase speed, but also to avoid errors and, in particular, to protect the health of warehouse staff and reduce their workload. Satisfied employees are the company's best asset.

The Nimmsta HS 50 achieves this through the following points:

  • The warehouse clerk has both hands free
  • The registration is ergonomically comfortable via the back of the hand, whereby the scanner and trigger can be adjusted by flexible Velcro fixation - this makes the work process so pleasant and fatigue-free
  • Personnel are guided precisely through the process via the individually programmable display
  • Data is transferred via Bluetooth 5.0 online via forklift terminal, cell phone, MDE, PC, etc. directly to the merchandise management system, eliminating the need to go to the local warehouse PC.
  • Integration of the HS 50 into existing warehouse software can be implemented very quickly via the Nimmsta App - it even offers templates that can be used immediately in most environments
  • Significant time savings by eliminating the need to walk the floor
  • Drastic reduction in error rates through individual queries and interaction on the touch display
  • Super lightweight and comfortable to wear

Previous customers speak of 40% increase in efficiency, 35% fewer errors and, most importantly, 100% satisfied employees.

Calculatively, the ROI is already achieved after approx. 30 days - but you should calculate this for yourself individually.

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