Mobile Printers

Mobile Printers

Mobile Printers

Mobile Label- and Receipt Printers - 
Printing wherever it's needed.

Zebra offers the mobile Print Module for Label Printing. Via Bluetooth or WLAN these lightweight issueing devices receive the needed Print Data from the mobile Terminal and depict the information on Labels or Receipts without delay.


Mobile Label Printers of the QLn-, ZQ5x0- and P-Series for:

Labelling in Sales Areas 

Replacement Labelling in the Warehouse

Field-Force Applications

Public Sector / Traffic Area Management 

Pharmaceutical Industries

Waste-Disposal Logistics

Receipt-/Document Printers, Series iMZ and ZQ for:

Document issuing in Gastronomy

Receipt issuing during Consulting Calls

Mobile Cashing in Waiting Lines ("Queue busting") 

Order confirmation during Field Time

Receipt printing for mobile Vendor Carts


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