Radio Scanners

Radio Scanners

Radio Scanners

Radio based Barcode Scanners 

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Radio technology extents the operating range of scanners considerably. Depending on the technology, transmission paths' scope can reach up to 100m - allowing application of a radio scanner for e.g. self-/storage management or supporting Iventory procedures in small shops and businesses.


The optimal implementation however is its use at the POS where bigger sized goods are scanned (hardware- and beverage stores) or for speedy incoming goods inspection and warehouse data collection. 

The planned application domain is decisive for choosing the best scanner product for your requirements. After previous consideration about any specific demands on the device  (robustness, temperature) and which barcode types (1D/2D) shall be collected, chose your favored technology:

CCD > Classic single-line scanner for 1D barcodes.

Laser > Laser-beam based 1D scanner for bigger reading distances.

2D-Imager > New, nonwearing technology for 1D-and 2D barcodes.

Power supply is (mostly) generated via high-quality LiIon batteries without memory

effect. Optionally, additional cradles can be installed.