Radio Call Gastronomy

Radio Call Gastronomy

Radio Call Gastronomy

LRS Radio Call Systems for Gastronomy areas heighten turnover as well as optimize service standards - customers / patrons will appreciate favourable experiences by their loyalty. Impatiently waiting guests belong to the past.- each affirmative experience in your gastronomy area will be recommended further.

Aside from other aspects, LRS Radio Paging Systems amortize in just a few months - and clearly distinguish from the competion in the field. The well priced products contribute to their high profile in the market.


Call systems optimize procedures in-between kitchen- and patron areas and heighten efficiency. Stress situations are avoided, your staff members operate contentedly - patrons appreciating the well organized environment, looking forward to their next visit with you.


Call Systems by LRS are highly versatile.

Gastronomy discerns depending on the application:

A patron is to be called to a vacant table? Or be informed about this in advance?

> Select Patron Call

A guest would like to call a person in attendance?

> Select Service Call