Magnetic Card Readers

Magnetic Card Readers

Magnetic Card Readers

External Magnetic Card Readers

for USB- and RS232 Interfaces of PCs / Cash Registers

Available in light or dark shades, these Card Readers are built solely with industrial-proven high quality components that distinguish them from other products in this range..


Starting with the selecting the best materials (robust, scratch-proven synthetics) and ending with especially hardened Magnetic Reading Tops. Even the Contact Spring is designed for markedly higher pressure, thus saving service action.

Programming Options are numerous enough to include individual Start- and Finish characters aside from the Data variety to cover all kinds of applications.

Technique:The Magnet Strip in the Card is separated into 3 Spurs. After having passed the Card through the device the Reading Unit transfers the collected Data in a preset form to the USB-/RS232 interface. 

Our Reading Devices collect all 3 Spurs. Chose from lighter or darker housing shades and the access ports in demand.