The TOUCH MONITOR at POS: Fast handling, fast service, simplified personnel training, reduction of faulty input, fast amortisation.

Clear points for the Touch input that saves the space of the keyboard. No service for keys or circuit boards - Touch monitors are up to all exigencies that cashier actions impose!



The following Technologies are available:

  • Resistive - Robust Membrane touch with technologically conditioned wearout
  • Infrared - Highly robust, no wearout, and dazzle free - no calibration needed.
  • PCT Projected Capacitive - no wearout, but not wholly glare-free Touch technology

The trend moves toward PCT Multi Touch Technology and frame-less screen surfaces as with tablets. PCT screen surfaces are not free of drawbacks though - the almost perfectly polished Touch screen glares and shows finger touch prints.


Our manufacturers face these limitations with a specifically treated surface (Anti Glare). TOSHIBA' 4820 Model Range scores exclusively with the optimized Infrared Technology Generation IV - glare-free and highly robust.


Tip: Monitor holders by SpacePole/Ergonomic Solutions


TOSHIBA 4820 Infrared

TOSHIBA 4820 SurePOINT - glare-free Touch Monitors with highly robust, wearless Infrared Touch 12" und 15"


TOSHIBA 15,5" TCx Display Type 6149-5CR - Multi Touch Function - 16:9 Format