3 decisive factors

3 decisive factors


1. Direct factors

Main criterion: the power consumption of a POS System

Up-to-date POS Systems offer a great potential of possible savings. Even in regard of ever higher performance and Marketing provisions like customer display videos, both posing higher demands in processors and other device parts, they still use up only a fraction of the maximal performance of a POS system.

A power-consumption reducing processor, LED technology, coordinated components and highly efficient power packs, all achieve noticeable economization.

Low stand-by consumption and centrally controlled down- and up-loads of afiliary systems affect the overall costs positively - with increasing energy costs, adding to the benefits each day.

Taking specifically under ecological aspects designed systems, we are able to calculate additional profits that occur with a solution that at first sight seems the costlier one.


2. Life-span Factors

POS Systems run a minimum application period of 6-7 years usually. Though many operate them for much longer.

During this rather long application period from the IT point of view, the subject Spares Inventory gains significance. All components - specifically Motherboard, Adapter, Touch-screen and Main Memory - should by suppliable over the entire operation period. By warranty.

Ecologically disastrous are situations where a fully operable system would be discharged for a single misfunctioning component.

Economically pointless would in this case be a replacement acquisition of a new system - which would raise the overall costs during running operation to an incalculable level.

A high quality standard is ecologically favourible for its reduction of toxic matter emission, achieved also by fewer on-site repairs - not to mention cost savings in general.

The said effect increases additionally by the application of remote management tools, which, in the case of damages/failures render working time and on-site repairs more efficient resp. entirely superfluous.


3. Indirect Factors

Here, the given Production Facilities on-site are unter scrutiny.

Among these count environmentally friendly specific paint materials, detailled waste- and sewage water management, power saving production techniques e.g. solar energy - plus supervision of suppliers (e,g, Cable Manufacturers etc.) - all in view of the mentioned criteria.

Manufacturers: TOSHIBA for one demonstrates high concern in ecological production conditions, e.g. their current product range with the first copier that is able to erase a printed page repeatedly and reprint it - up to 6 times.


Our commitment:

It is our firm objective to render the above mentioned criteria topical for all Products and Manufacturer Partners to provide our clientele with the arguments they need in favor of the best products, both, economical and ecological.

We aim at building a secure basis for our customers on which they can be sure to have come to the right invesntment decision.


The Team, QUAD GmbH. Mai 2014

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