Our Patrons

Our Patrons


Specialized Trades Supply - Basis for Sales- and Technology Skills.


Target Groups:

POS Retailers / Office Supplies

Professionally versed, this group of clients demands individual consultancy. The focus is on procurement and fast supply of ready-for-connection units, rather than big numbers of items. Special challenge here: broad product- und customer ranges.

Software houses / VAR

The hardware support at QUAD provides our customers with the optimal synthesis of Software- and Hardware competence. Our Software-Partner Concept covers over 80 specialized solutions for Professionals.

Business Partners / Large Scale Industry

With this special client base, ongoing Projects state the priority. Thereby, a professional partner, not necessarily stemming from the POS branch, is assigned with the execution of a major Project.

Here, we are standing by to attend to our clients with a project for their customers, starting with the selection of the best suitable items, issuing the proper bid, test installations, up to - frequently going from medium- to long term - roll-out implementation.


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