• 03/09/2021

    Vorfreude - unsere komplett neu aufgebaute Webpräsenz wird in den nächsten Tagen die bisherige...
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  • 02/09/2021

    Die QUAD GmbH lädt Sie herzlich zur Teilnahme an ihrer ROADSHOW 2021 ein - in München, Frankfu...
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  • 01/09/2021

    Preiserhöhung bei vielen Epson Druckern zum 01.09.2021. Die Produktreihen sind unterschiedlich...
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  • 26/07/2021

    Bewirtungsbelege - diese Punkte gelten ab 01.07.2021: Das Bundesfinanzministerium hat die Vora...
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Distribution + Consulting

Solutions for Your Success.


Since starting out 27 years ago, QUAD GmbH (Ltd.) operate as Distributor and Consultant for POS Systems, Barcode Technology, AutoID and Mobile Data Collection, Label Printing Solutions, Cash Management and Peripherals - a second sector operates in OEM for Modular- and Industrial-Technologies as well as production- equivalent IT for Automotive and Accessory industries.

Based on the renown and internationally leading Manufacturers e.g. APG, Cashlogy, Code, Datalogic, Epson, Ergonomic Solutions, Honeywell, LRS, Posiflex, SNBC, Star, TOSHIBA and Zebra, standard setting in the Market, give us the expertise to furnish you with the Optimal Solutions for your Projects.

At prime cost/performance ratio we hand our customers Innovative Technologies by the Global Leaders in the field - from the single placement to chain-store systems - internationally. Whether in Food- /Non-Food-Commerce, Gastronomy and Hotel, Fashion, Pharmacy and Healthcare, Industrial Integration, Warehousing and Mobile Data Collection/MDC.

Be sure to obtain the perfect Product and Solution for your Application, including Fundamental References and Arguments for your Choice in Purchasing - Impartial and Prospective.

Memberships at EHI Retail Institute and DFKA (POS Trade Association) place us in close proximity to economical and political developments - to provide our customers with future-proof arguments.

Our Software-Partner-Concept from over 80 trade branches permits complete solutions including the equivalent software as well as on-site installation via a nation-wide retailer network. Thus, we meet any individual demand by our customers.

We provide the best Solution for your Needs - including the right Partner, if you wish so.


You're worth it.

QUAD GmbH. Consulting + Distribution.