MDC Mobile Data Collection

MDC - Mobile Data Collection

MDC - Mobile Data Collection

MDC - Mobile Data Collection


MDC Domains are as manifold as the diverse Products in this field of application.

The classical Logistics application for Inventory- and Packing Procedures are specified by domains as e.g. Mobile POS Solutions, Warehouse MDC, Ticketing Control and Field Service Regulation with integrated Navigation and Route Planning.


All scenarios have but one goal: to provide Data at any time - and to be able to modify, update and memorize them without loss. In short - MDC Devices shape operational cycles to be more efficient, shorten distances and gain time in general.


We offer MDC Devices by the internationally leading Manufacturers in diverse categories of performance, custom-made to your demands. 

Hint: Honeywell and Zebra offer ServicePacks for the fast and uncomplicated Repair - including coverage of improper handling induced repairs. Contact our Sales Team!


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