Model Range 4818

With their T10 TOSHIBA, Premium Manufacturer, attains the level of price-conscious introductory Cash Register Systems.

The Focus on Essentials plus smart Details is convincing at first sight and goes easy on the Budget in Retail, Gastronomy, Service Provision, as well as Public Servicing.


  • Fan-free Multi Touch Device with 15" Touch surface
  • Adjustable/gradient Pedestal
  • Backside Customer Display optional
  • Numerous Interfaces for peripheries as Printers and Scanners
  • Exchangeable CPU for the faster Service and future Upgrading

Being low-cost positioned, the T10 commends itself as the perfect successor to any (proprietary) Cash Register at POS - naturally featuring the access option to TSE (Technical Security Measure) according to the Fiscal Standards in Germany.

Altogether a clever way to achieve working with the Premium Manufacturer.


The well-priced, fan-free Touch Cash Register for Gastronomy, Retail and Services

Welcome to the Club

The TOSHIBA T10 Model Range is designed for low-cost implementation at POS as a well-priced introductory Product by this Premium Manufacturer. Naturally, there are differences to the 'big sisters' such as the TCx800 which represent referential Cash Register Systems.
Perfection, though, is no unconditional prerequisite - after all, benefits need to be paid for. The Multi Touch T10 by TOSHIBA combines  optimum pricing with the certainty of a Premium Manufacturer thus gaining a clever introduction to the world of TOSHIBA Global Commerce Solutions.
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