What factors influence your choice of technologies?

Modern design, new technologies and favorable prices initially shape the search for the right product. 
However, point-of-sale systems are among the most important, mission-critical components - and not just from a financial perspective. They manage the money.
From this point of view alone, reliability, insensitivity and long-term availability are the core requirements for a genuine POS system - which, unlike standard PC technology, must be able to cope with intensive loads from use and environment around the clock, usually for many years.
IBM has already summarized the fulfillment of these special requirements in a predicate, which TOSHIBA continues just as unrestrictedly: Retail hardened.

Into the future with security

Fulfillment of special requirements during development is a prerequisite for the "Retail hardened" rating

What tests make the system so special?

Quality secures the future

Retail-hardened solutions are not reconfigured or customized computers for office or home users, but true point-of-sale systems with maximum endurance and long-term reliability. 
When TOSHIBA describes its systems and peripherals as "retail-hardened," they don't just mean their physical ruggedness and performance. No retail technology provider we know of puts its point-of-sale hardware through more rigorous testing than Toshiba. Their solutions are designed specifically for the retail sector and therefore not only offer reliability and robustness, but are also particularly durable and extensively expandable. 
Retail-hardened technology can handle the rigorous and often unpredictable demands of the retail environment for many years, while remaining flexible enough to evolve with your business. 
This allows you to continuously adapt your retail technology to technical developments and new requirements, instead of having to purchase a completely new system every few years.
Retail hardened = future-proof investment with security.
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